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Four Ways To Upskill Yourself

The musical genius Keith Sweat said it best “You may be young but, you’re ready…ready to learn,” We won’t be delving further into the context of the song but, he was right! Today is World Youth Skills Day. Sherbet Youth Agency adores the youth because we are the youth! We’re giving you our top four sources for upskilling yourself. We believe in South African youth and its hustle spirit. If you need help along the way, we hope these four sources will help you on your journey to a better and brighter future.


If you haven’t heard of Udemy then you’re living under a rock. Udemy is an online course provider for professional adults and students. The site doesn’t offer accredited degrees or certifications but, it provides professional development. If you’re looking to upskill yourself with creative skills like copywriting, graphic design or web development then it’s a great place to start. You didn’t hear this from us but, rumour has it that Udemy has a few design courses that can cover almost everything you learn in a traditional art university! Why spend hundreds of thousands of rands when you can take advantage of one of their many flash sales and upskill yourself for less?

The Knowledge Trust

We all know how the saying goes, “It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know” and The Knowledge Trust gets you in touch with the right companies. The Knowledge Trust is a movement on a mission to make education more accessible to more people, more often, sustainably. They offer learnerships, bursaries, internships, job opportunities and more! It’s hard enough for the youth of South Africa to find jobs given the unemployment statistics. When you sign-up for The Knowledge Trust they send potential opportunities right to your inbox. Become one of their success stories and sign-up today.

Google’s Digital Skills For Africa

As a digital youth marketing advertising agency, we know that the future of business is online. Digital Skills for Africa is a Google initiative in conjunction with training partners that aim to train young people in digital skills. If you have a keen interest in the digital side of things or would just like to increase your knowledge then now is the time to consider having a look at the courses on offer. The best part? All of the courses are FREE and you get a certificate upon completion.

Just Do It

There’s a joke that goes around about showing up at your dream place of work, sitting at a desk and, you start working – what are they going to do? Kick you out? Well, most likely, however, it’s the initiative that counts! If you don’t start putting yourself out there and making waves, you’re wasting your talent. Stop waiting for someone to invite you to a table when you can either, just show up and prove you deserve to be there or build your table.

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