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    Tips to Manage Stress at Work

    It’s World Mental Health Day today! Sometimes work drives us nuts! How can it not? We spend most
    of our time there and have a lot to deal with from difficult management to culture and work politics dynamics.
    It’s not easy to deal with your stress and trials. When you add a less than ideal working environment to the mix
    it’s a guaranteed recipe for burnout and or mental breakdowns.   

    But have no fear, Sherbet’s here. We’ve also been through the wringer when it comes to dealing with workplace stress.
    Here are a few tried and tested work stress management tips.   

    1. Sasha says “Find a hobby to separate yourself from work” 

    Sounds easy enough right?  


    When you work in a creative field your hobbies tend to align with that. Luckily your twenties are a time to rediscover
    yourself and hobbies you may have forgotten during your teenage years. Do you like to go on walks? Are you an
    amateur football player or, do you enjoy reading? There are plenty of hobbies that don’t have to align with your career
    field that you can spend time improving and simply enjoying. The further away it is from your regular 9 – 5, the better! 

    1. “Copius amounts of coffee is key,” – Julian 

    While we’re not encouraging a potential caffeine addiction, an occasional Redbull or two is cool
    for those extremely tight deadlines. We also wouldn’t dare take a millennial’s daily iced coffee fix.
    It’s important to find what works best for you at the moment. Is it taking a walk around the office or
    a quick breather outside so you can realign with the important things on your to-do list? Maybe it’s
    taking a quick nap in your car or chatting up your favourite colleague. Finds what works for you in
    real time to avoid getting overwhelmed.  

    1. “Find an anchor habit” – Xolile  

    In other words, create a routine for yourself and stick to it! On the most stressful days ‘muscle memory’
    will come into play. Sometimes working on autopilot will give you time to figure out how to tackle whatever’s
    stressing you out. Remember, this starts outside of the workplace. Start by something as simple as going to
    sleep and waking up at the same time.   

    1. “Scream,” – Annabella 
    man in white and blue crew neck t-shirt

    No, not at your colleagues…no matter how tempting. Annabella went on to say: “But for real, the
    way I look after my mental health is by taking a break from social media. Just taking the time to
    disconnect does help the mind quiet down.” While a social media detox has proven psychological benefits according
     to a study conducted, we know that it’s not as realistic for everyone.   

    Commit to an hour or two of not looking at any screen, whether this is during your lunch break or immediately
    after work. In that same study it was shown that too much internet use has been associated with psychotic and
    mood disorders along with things like poor academic performance and low self-esteem.   

    1. Speak up!  

    You know the saying “closed mouths don’t get fed”? You’ll be surprised how far a conversation
    with a manager, who cares, or HR can take you when it comes to your mental health at work.
    As a generation, studies have shown that Gen Z naturally wants a working environment that
    prioritises mental health.  Fear of judgement shouldn’t hold you back from being honest if work is
    directly affecting your mental health.  

    We’d love to know how you look after your mental health when it comes to working!   

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