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Five Truths No One Tells You About Adulting

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Growing up, we all had an idea of what adulthood was. Now looking back you have to ask yourself where
the years have gone. You’re not married at 23 with seven mini-me’s, a six-figure salary. the perfect home
and a dotting partner. Instead, you’ve got seventeen plants, caffeine addiction and pilling student debt.
While it’s not all doom and gloom, we can’t ignore the difficult side of adulthood. Here are a few hard truths
no one tells you about adulting. 

 1. Everyone is winging it.  

From your boss that seems to be on top of everything to that friend with an IG-worthy lifestyle.

The truth is no one actually knows what they’re supposed to be doing most of the time.
If there was an ‘Adulting for Dummies’ book, I can guarantee it would be a best seller.
We learn as we live and figure things out as we go. Once you’ve solved one thing, there’s always something to take its place.
Being an adult, and being a human, means you’re in a constant state of learning and mostly winging it.

 2. It’s never too late to start again  

Bored out of your mind in your final university year? Did you realise that being creative isn’t your ideal career
and you would be better suited in a corporate environment or vice versa? It’s never too late to start again.
There’s a pressure to have things done or be living your life a certain way by a specific age.
Going back to school or switching careers and starting from the bottom doesn’t seem like a massive detour once
you realise you may end up spending the rest of your life doing something you hate.

3. Making friends is hard  

It’s true, you’re only friends with certain people because you see them every day.
Making new friends as an adult can be tricky. You go from a state of being friends with a lot of people to simply
knowing a lot of people. One or two friends from your childhood or university years will remain but, the rest may
be harder to come by. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible, they’ll just be more effort required when trying to align
busy schedules.

4. People don’t grow up  

The idea that a forty-year-old acts their child’s age isn’t hard to believe.
The assumption is that we get mature with age, we gain some insight and wisdom on how to conduct ourselves.
Unfortunately, it’s pretty common coming across grown men and women with the mannerisms and maturity
level of 11-year-olds. While sometimes they’re super fun to be around, it can take some getting used to.
Get rid of the idea that with age automatically comes a wealth of wisdom and maturity.  

5. You’ll become closer to your family or make a new one  

Assuming you two have a good relationship, your mom or dad if you’re lucky maybe both will become your best friends!
You don’t realise how cool your parents are while growing up. Maybe it’s because they couldn’t afford
to be the ‘cool parents’ and run the risk of turning you into a little monster. Your relationship with your parents
grows exponentially once you enter adulthood. You’ll find you have a lot to share that they can actually relate to.
They also offer helpful advice and recommendations because they can speak from experience.
If you’re not particularly close to your family, the friends that do come into your life will become your family.
It’s crazy but, it’s possible to choose your family and you’ll find brothers, sisters, mothers and caregivers in the
connections you make in your adulthood.  

6. It’s a lot of fun and we mean A LOT of fun…  

Yes, we said 5 things but, adulthood isn’t all doom, gloom and taxes.

No curfew (hehe pre and ideally post pandemic)

No rules.  

No doing the dishes right then and there because someone is demanding it.  

Sounds like heaven right? You discover several activities and interests that you may not have been able
to enjoy as a teenager. You now have the financial means to save up for that girl’s trip or baecation.
As a young adult, the world is your oyster if you want it to be. You’ll also find yourself revisiting old hobbies
you may have forgotten or deemed childish with a different perspective.  

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