Sherbet Youth Agency

How will we rock your

socks off?

We’re a through-the-line advertising agency that connects brands with the real moreki’s of our population, the youth. We don’t expect you to know all their lingo, hangouts, and trends, that’s our job.

Branding and

Branding and communication, ‘cause what’s the point of a brand’s existence if it isn’t talking to its audience nice???

We’re your go-to guys for all things:

- Logo and CI Development
- Creative Direction and Strategy
- TV, Print, Radio and Outdoor
- Video Animation
- Presentations


And no, we’re not going to bore you with the whole “digital is the future” chat, you already know that, right? If not, you can go back to sending messages using pigeons.

Digital is our thing, we just get it.

Hit us up for sick, tap-worthy social media campaigns and websites.
- Digital Development
- Social Media Management
- Search Engine Optimisation
- Web Development
- App Development
if it has anything to do with digital, we’re who you should be calling!

Impactful face-to face connections.

Sure texting is cool, Twitter ranting is great, double-tapping through Insta is cool, but nothing beats an in-person connection.

We stan digital.

But we also fan-girl face-to-face connections. We create impactful connections with the youth through:
- Campus Activations & Lectures
- Takeovers
- Roadshows
- Mall Activations

Social media management.

A brand with a social media presence that isn’t managed and controlled is a brand simply asking for trouble. We’ll have your socials looking snatched in no time!